Best vegan eats in Auckland #2

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So over a year ago, I brought you the best vegan eats in Auckland, featuring some of my favourite places! And I thought, it was about time to bring you another round of my favourite places here in my hometown of Auckland, New Zealaaaand!

Some of these places are not exclusively vegan, however have some great options, and it would be awesome to show our support by spreading the demand for vegan options!

1)  Lord of the Fries
An ethical fast food restaurant serving chips, burgers, milkshakes, and hot dogs! Originating in Australia, they finally made their way to NZ and were uber popular from the get go! In April this year they also came out with a breakfast menu, with many delicious vegan breakfast burgers- I was lucky enough to be invited before the launch to try the new burgers, and lets just say I ate, A LOT!
There are 2 stores here in Auckland- 1 Queen Street, and 179-189 Karangahape Rd.

2) Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar
Now just from the name you wouldn't expect for there to be vegan options! But omg have they expanded their menu! Featuring 4 delicious vegan cookies as well as a vegan ice cream cookie sandwich (which is epic as)!!
While I have to say their vegan range is slightly pricey ($4.50 per cookie), it is well worth a visit, and their cookies are damn good!
Located on 309 Karangahape Rd

3) Raw Power Cafe 
This place is fully vegetarian, with a healthy ideology behind their food! They have some super amazing vegan options- the tofu burger and falafel pita are my personal favourites, and all their cakes are vegan!
Located- 10 Vulcan Lane, Auckland CBD

4) Revive 
This is one of my favourite places as a poor Uni student! A salad bar offering no ordinary salads! But amazing nutrient dense, deliciously awesome salads! I am not a salad person, but damnnnn they put something in those salads that is just so so good! They also have smoothies, hot meals and sweet treats!
Tip- sign up to their online newsletter and receive between $3-5 of their regular sized meals!
Located- 24 Wyndham Street and 33 Lorne Street (closest to AUT and AU)

5) Huckleberry
The fifth place is usually my go-to because it is so close to where I live! An organic cafe and food store serving and selling some amazing vegan options at an affordable price! The thing I love the most about Huckberrys is that, unlike many other health food/organic places they serve good food that is reasonably priced!! Burgers, acai bowls, smoothies, wraps, salads, cakes, raw treats and so so much more! You can get a good filling meal + sweet treat for less than $20! 
Located- 34D Portage Rd, New Lynn, Auckland

6) Wagamama
While wagamama can be found world wide, here in New Zealand they serve some pretty damn good vegan options! I also love this place because its perfect to go with non-vegan family and friends, as there's options for everyone! Most of the dishes will not be written as vegan, so talk to the server and request it to be made vegan! (Most of the vegetarian dishes can be made vegan!)

Well, there you have it! My next 6 favourite places here in Auckland!! I am not even close to visiting all the places here in Auckland that serve vegan options, so there will def be more of these kinda posts coming very soon (hopefully not in a years time!!)
To see my other favourite places, check out my first post- Best Vegan Eats in Auckland 

Thanks again for all your support- knowing you're here and reading this makes me so so happy!
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