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HEEEEEY! So a few months ago I brought you the Accidentally Vegan Junk Food (NZ) post, which was actually pretty popular, so I thought I'd make this into a little series, sharing my new vegan finds every few months! This time I have quite a range of goodies for ya, and while yes, this is titled "junk food" not all these products are exactly "unhealthy," in fact, in moderation they are actually pretty good treats to have!

Since going vegan, over 2 years ago, I have seen so so many more products on the market, that are both labelled as vegan, and some common brands releasing new products that just so happen to be vegan! Well, lucky us right! This is so awesome, because these brands are creating a whole new customer base too, and since veganism is growing, we can encourage these brands by purchasing their products which are vegan- your $$ is your vote remember!!

These products are vegan in New Zealand, if you find them overseas- make sure to always check the ingredients lists! 

1) Coco Pops
Yessss! A classic childhood (and now almost adult) favourite! Theseeee are amazing, amirite! Cannot go wrong, and it's vegan too, which makes them so much better! Eat your heart out!I personally love it with soy milk!

2) Caramel Popcorn
This stuff is so so good! Making healthy snacking, unhealthy! But honestly, as an occasional treat, this stuff is fine!

3) Mother Earth Soy Mix
If you haven't had these, you haven't liveddddd (when I get excited I add extra letters!) I always have a pack of these in my bag to snack on in between classes, on the bus, at work, etc! These are sooooo yum, and in my opinion they kinda taste like grain waves!

4) Shapes flame grilled BBQ
So in the last post, I shared that Shapes Pizza flavour was vegan, but now they have come out with some new flavours, and 2 of them are vegan!! This one, and the Roast Chicken (yes, I know, wat) are both vegan, so knock yourself out!

5) Royalty Gingernuts + Oaties
There are 2 vegan biscuits in this range, and they are both so so good! Especially the oaties one- its probably one of my favourite cookies out there!

6) Peckish Thins
This brand is amazing because so many of their products are vegan- these are only 2 of them! Other vegan flavours include- original, both of the brown rice, sea salt & vinegar, and some of the newest range vegetable range!

7) Pam's popcorn
Popcorn is always a crowd pleaser, and it is also a healthier snack to have in the house! Pam's is also one of my favourite brands, because hello, its cheap af! Both the natural and the kettle korn flavours are vegan!

8) Whittaker's Almond & Cranberry minis
In my last post, I shared that any of the chocolates in the Whittaker's range with a 50% or higher cocoa content are vegan! They have recently come out with many new flavours (some I'll share in a future post), including these mini almond & cranberry chocolates! They are SO YUM! Perfect treat sized portions to cut those sweet cravings!

Well there you have it! These are all vegan, soo go ahead and enjoy! However remember these are not the healthiest options, so eat in moderation! These foods (except maybe the cereals!) are great to share at picnics, lunches, gatherings or events with family and friends, and you'll get to indulge too, so it won't feel like you're missing out!

If you want more junk food options, check out my previous post!
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