Best Vegan Eats in Auckland #3

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It is time for another round of awesome as places to get vegan options here in my home city of Auckland! As you all know, I love to eat! And I especially love trying out new places!
Today I am sharing some awesome as places to get delicious vegan food for every taste bud! Many of these places are not fully vegan, however have many vegan friendly options, so its awesome to go in and show support for these dishes- increase the demand!

1. Bowl and Arrow
I have no idea how I haven't been here sooner!! A health food cafe with OMG AMAZING smoothie bowls, savoury goods and raw desserts! This place is mostly vegan (all smoothies are vegan), and they are damn good! Have been here numerous times because I love it so so much!

2. Food Truck Garage
A really different vibe to this place, it is perfect for family and friends, and serves both vegan and non-vegan options!! Pictured is the buddha bowl, nutmeat tacos and the nutmeat burger (make sure to specify vegan!) Super filling, delicious, healthy & affordable meals!

3. Rabbit Cafe
Recently discovered this place, and was lured there by there amazing vegan french toast! The cafe is fully vegetarian and has many super yummy vegan options including burgers, salads, baked goods and more! They truly are so so good! I loveeee french toast so so much, so was super satisfied with these!

4. Wise Cicada
This place is one of my faves for healthy, organic and absolutely delicious vegan food! The cafe is COMPLETELY vegan and gluten free, so you can get whatever you like from there extensive menu! A bit on the pricey side, but so worth it!

5. Petal Gifts
I was lucky enough to be gifted a box of vegan salted caramel and vanilla cupcakes from the beautiful team at Petal Gifts. And let me tell you, they are next level good! So damn creamy and delicious, I could def go one now just thinking about it!

6. Ain't no taco
Okay, this place is seriously awesome!! Make your own taco bowls for less than $11! If you are looking for a cheap, healthy and delicious meal, Ain't no Taco is the place to come to! There are so many vegan options, I def need to go back here soon! (Photo does not do the bowl justice!)

7. Ralphs
I've been wanting go to here and try the vegan mac n cheese burger for ages!! And I finally got the chance too! It legit tastes like a McDonalds cheeseburger- I am not kidding! Even my friend who isn't vegan loved it!! Filled with a thick bean patty, pickles, mustard, and vegan cheese, it is so so good!

Well there you have it!! 7 more awesome as, vegan friendly place to try out in Auckland!!
I have a huge list of places I still need to get through, so expect more of these posts!! In the meantime check out my first and second posts of vegan eats in Auckland, for some more choices on where to get some crazy good food!

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