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Hi guys! So today I am coming to you with something a little different! I am going to the share the best and worsts of the vegan protein powder industry! The reason for this, is that I have tried a number of different brands over the last few years, so I know the good, bad and ugly of the all things protein powder! Also, the worst thing about protein powder is when you pay good money for it, and it turns out to be absolutely crap. This leaves you either forcing it down, or throwing it out!

So to save you all some time and money, I have decided to share my opinion on 6 different brands of protein powder that I have tried in these last few years! This post is going to be very honest and brutal so you know the absolute truth! This may actually also turn into a little series, as there are many more brands and flavours that I still have yet to try!

Note: While this is not a sponsored post, I had been gifted some of these protein powders to try. But all opinions are my own!

So I have also graded these protein powders on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being amazing, and 1 being awful, as well as shared whether I would ever buy this protein powder again!
So lets just get straight into it!

1. Raw Amazonia Plant Protein- Vanilla and Cinnamon
Okay, I have actually no words about how truly disgusting this protein is. It is chalky, very floury and just has a very awful taste. Unfortunately for me I went and bought a 1kg container and since I hate wasting food, I was forcing this down for the next 6 months! I got about 3/4 the way through before I gave up.  This protein is also very expensive, and definitely not worth the money in my opinion.
Score- 1
Repurchase- No
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2. Balance Plant Protein- Vanilla and Chocolate
From the absolute worst, to the best! This is probably the best protein power I have ever had! It is creamy and delicious! I love it on its own with just some plant milk, or throw it into a smoothie and its amazing! I love using the chocolate one to make a healthy, high protein chocolate milkshake. And the vanilla one is great with some bananas and frozen berries! Not only is this protein also super affordable, but it is so dang good!
Score- 9
Repurchase- Yes
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3. Vivo Life- Blueberry and Acai
This is a very healthy raw vegan protein, full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. So if you are wanting a protein powder with added health benefits, this is the one. Taste wise, it has a slightly odd taste which can be a little off-putting at first, and it took me a little bit to get used to it. I definitely prefer it in smoothies compared to just as a shake! Therefore, while having an impressive list of high quality ingredients, for me, it just doesn't deliver in flavour.
Score- 4.5
Repurchase- No

4. PranaOn- Salted Caramel
I have a huge weakness for anything caramel, its one of my favourite things ever! So, I was so excited to try this out! I'm happy to say that I really liked it! This protein is so so yum! It has a super delicious salted caramelly flavour, is creamy and smooth, and goes super well in a smoothie!
Score- 8
Repurchase- Yes

5. Myprotein- Apple caramel
This flavour honestly surprised me, I was not expecting much from this, but it is actually pretty dang good! It mixes super well, is creamy, hardly grainy and tastes good just as a protein shake with soy milk! I personally feel like the flavour is more neutral (unflavoured), as the apple caramel flavour is not strong!
Score- 6
Repurchase- No

6. Veganut- Chocolate
Veganut is a new protein powder on the marked, launching less than a month ago, and is NZ made, which is even better! I personally really enjoyed this protein, and am definitely keen to try out the other flavours! There is a nice amount of sweetness, but my major sweet tooth would prefer it to be a touch sweeter as well as more chocolatey. It tastes good with just some soy milk for a quick shake, but I love it adding it with frozen bananas and cocoa powder to make a chocolate protein milkshake
Score- 7.5
Repurchase- Yes

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I really hope that it has been of some use to you! I tried to be completely honest in this review, as I know what its like to spend heaps on a protein powder, for you to be left regretting you ever bought it!
I will definitely be making more posts like these as I get to try different brands- if you have any recommendations or brands you'd like to see reviewed, definitely leave me a comment below!
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