Best vegan eats in Auckland #4

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Hello! It is time for another round of amazing places to get some delicious vegan food here in the beautiful Auckland city, my home town! There are so many places that have got on board with the vegan hype, and the options are literally endless!

Today I am sharing 5 different places in Auckland where you can find plenty of vegan options, approved by me of course!

1. Kookie Haus
This is an awesome little shop in West Auckland where they specialise in cookie dough sandwiches (yes you heard that right!) They are so so amazing, soft delicious cookies with gooey dough in between! Not to mention they are also super affordable and have many vegan options!

2. The Butchers Son
This is a fully vegan establishment! Yes, I know! I was so so excited to visit this place as I heard some amazing reviews. I went here for my 21st birthday lunch, and it did not disappoint! The chicken burger and nachos were my absolute fave! And best of all, it was a huge winner with me family too!

3. Nourish Pod
I have been dreaming of a smoothie place like this opening in Auckland for the longest time, and it has finally happened! They make the most amazing acai smoothie bowls I've ever had! Definitely get the snickers bowl, it is totally worth it!

4. Gorilla Kitchen 
This is yet another fully vegan place that has recently opened up in Auckland, and honestly, its probably my new favourite place to eat! The black forest pancakes are to die for, the nachos are beyond amazing and their loaded fries are probably the best fries I've had! Their portion sizes are also very decent, as couldn't finish all of my pancakes (which says a lot for me, as my appetite is huge!) I am definitely going back to check out the rest of the menu!

5. Shaky Isles 
I've only been here once so far, but I am so excited to try the rest of their new vegan menu! I love it when more mainstream places offer vegan options, it just goes to show this movement is in full swing! This was their vegan burger, which was stuffed with mushrooms, hash browns, lettuce and avocado! Was a winner for me!

I really hope you get a chance to visit some of these places, show them some love and support, as we definitely want to see more vegan options on the menu!
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