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Ready to learn how to pickle some turnips? Traditionally, pickled turnips are a part of every Lebanese maza. These are great as a side with any Lebanese dish and with sandwiches (especially in the falafel wrap - recipe coming soon). There are only a few ingredients and the directions are simple. Be sure to pickle these about a week before you plan to eat them because that's how long they will take before they are fully colored and ready!


4 medium sized turnips
Vinegar (we use white, but you can use any kind)
1/4 of a piece of beet
Water that has been boiled and cooled down


1. Chop up turnip (can be any size or shape you desire)
2. Place in jar, we use a 32 oz. jar. Put the beet in the middle of the turnips and squeeze in the rest of your turnips (tuck them in so they settle in place)
3. Fill the jar halfway with vinegar
4. Fill the rest of the jar with water that has already been boiled and cooled down
5. Add 1 tablespoon of salt to the top (the salt will settle down in between the turnips)
6. Place some plastic on the top (it can be saran wrap), and cover tightly with the lid.
7. Flip jar over (make sure it's not leaking) and leave flipped over night
8. Leave your turnips in the jar for a week before eating, they will turn pink with time

Pickled turnips will last for up to 3 weeks if you don't eat them all first! (or longer if refrigerated after opening)

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