Vegan Christmas Treats (NZ)

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Its that time of the year!!! I seriously cannot believe that Christmas is just over 2 weeks away! I literally haven't organised myself at all! I swear it just gets harder and harder to buy people presents each year, which is a shame when you actually have money to spend!

Anyways this year, I'm bringing a whole round of delicious accidentally vegan Christmas treats I've found in the supermarket! These are so so perfect to share with your family and friends this holiday season, as they will never suspect its vegan!

I am now a firm believer that no animal needs to suffer for this occasion (or any other occasion), so try out some vegan recipes this year to change things up! 

I have to say, I was very surprised with some of the products I found, I never expected them to be vegan, but yay for us! I swear its just getting easier and easier to be vegan!

1. Tom & Luke Christmas Balls
So these are more of those of us who want to keep Christmas relatively healthy this year! I'm so excited for these, they look and sound so so good!

2. Ginger Snaps
These are so so yummy, I had them last year, and they are def one to share!

3. Turkish Delight
So I found a brand that does 2 types of Turkish delight which are both vegan, one is a bit more luxurious than the other, but they are both look so so good! Really great for an after Christmas dinner sweet treat!

4. Walkers Rich Fruit Pudding
Okay, I am def excited for this!! I love anything pudding, so I am def gonna have this at my Christmas this year! I am also so surprised that a well known brand has a vegan option! Its just too awesome!

5. Harper & Lewis Mango Coconut ice and Raspberry coconut ice
I am also very very excited for these!! They look so so so yum, and both are labelled vegan on the back, which is extra awesome!

6. Homebrand plum pudding
So this is a super affordable one to feed a bigger family! This pudding is huge, and will be totally perfect with some vegan ice cream or custard!

7.Kuchenmeister Stollen
I am very excited for this! I have never had Stollen, but being a German treat I'm sure its super yummy!

8. Walkers dinner mints
Super delicious and dreamy dark chocolate with a peppermint filling! I am personally not the hugest mint fan, however I love these!

Well there you have it!
A whole bunch of vegan Christmas sweet treats! Please comment if you've tried any of these and give your feedback!

I'll have a few Christmas recipes coming out in the next couple of weeks, but otherwise I hope your Christmas preparations are going well! Have a safe, wonderful and cruelty free Christmas!

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