Accidentally vegan junk food #3

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I just love vegan junk food so so much! And I especially loveeeee sharing it with fellow vegan foodies! It's always so good to find new vegan products on the shelves, and it just gets me so excited!

My past 2 posts have been pretty popular, so I come to you with round threeeee!! This time I have many more products to share with you! I have been scouring the supermarket shelves to find new products to share with you all!

Note: This is what is available in supermarkets in New Zealand (some might be available overseas), make sure to always check labels- in case of recipe changes!

1. Ernest Adams Apricot Choc Cookies
I am sooooo glad that ernest adams has FINALLY come out with a vegan product! All of their products have some form of animal product in it, but this is totally vegan, and super yum too!

2. So Good Almond Milks
This amazing brand, which is already vegan friendly, have come out with 3 awesome as vegan milks in small, easy to carry on the go sizes to have for breakfast or as a delicious snack!

3. Hide & Seek Cookies
So if you have an Indian Supermarket located near you, go there and get these asap! I ate these as a child, and when I found out they were vegan I couldn't be happier! These are only avaliable in Indian shops by the way!

4. Kohu Road Sorbets
These are the newest range from Kohu Road! A pretty popular brand here in NZ, so I'm glad they are catering to us vegans! Note- the dairy free ice creams are NOT  vegan (contain egg).

5. Betty Crocker Vanilla Cake mix
For those lazy vegans, or those who don't have a baking bone in their body, do not fear, Betty Crocker to the rescue! SO happy that there is a fully vegan cake mix! Note- some of the "chocolate cake" mixes in this range are also vegan, however the icing is not (check labels to be sure).

6. Greens Chocolate Mud Cake
Another awesome ready to go cake mix for us lazy vegans to use! This is fully vegan, and the icing ingredients are also vegan! SO eat your heart out!

7. Essentials (homebrand) Dark chocolate buttons
When I found out these were vegan I was so so happy! Finally a super affordable chocolate brand to use in baking (or just eating, up to you!)

8. Select Dark chocolate drops
Another affordable brand, producing vegan chocolate so all can enjoy!!

9. Belgian Cremes
I have saved the best for last!! I don't know why I haven't shared these much much sooner, because these are my all time FAVOURITE cookies ever!! A cinnamon infused cookie with a raspberry creme filling, it is soooooo  YUM! And not gonna lie, I could down like 5 in one go!

Well there you have it! Another round of amazing and delicious vegan junk food brands! Be sure to eat in moderation people, balance is everything! But lets show support to the vegan products that are available, because remember: you vote with your $$

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