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Hey guys! Welcome to the last segment of the "vegan eats" series!

I am so fortunate and grateful to have been able to visit the amazing city of Paris. I truly fell in love with Paris, its food, atmosphere, buildings and beauty. It is truly an amazing city, and I know I will be back one day!
Many people would not believe Paris to be vegan friendly, but it actually is! With quite a few exclusively vegan places, and others having vegan friendly options!

Cloud cakes- almond croissant
1. Cloud Cakes
This place is a must, a fully vegan cafe/bakery, serving croissants, pancakes, cakes, cupcakes, smoothies and so so much more! We visited here twice for a breakfast of pancakes and decadent dark forest cake, and left with full stomachs and a bag of croissants to carry on the go!

They are mainly know for their cakes and cupcakes- hence the name cloud cakes! So make sure you try them!

 2. Hank's vegan burgers
A fully vegan burger restaurant, offering truly delicious burgers, fries and desserts! They also have a chain restaurant called Hank's vegan pizza- but I never had the chance to make it here!

3. Oi Sushi
Sushi will never fail to provide vegan options! This was probably the best and most affordable sushi restaurant I've been to! I got a large platter of sushi for only 11 euros + free champagne! Win win! Super yummy and filling!! While you're here pop over to the bar across the road for some yummy as cocktails! This place is not exclusively vegan, so is great if you're travelling with non-vegans! Options for everyone!
Probably the best sushi I've had in a while!

4. Hot Vogs!
Last stop is  for vegan hot dogs! Serving 3 different types of vegan hot dogs, pastries, and drinks, this place is a good lunch stop to take a break from all the walking and to refuel!

Thanks so much for reading!
This is the last post in this series so I hope you enjoyed the read! If you ever travel to these cities and try out these places I would love to hear you're opinions!
The vegan eats series shall continue after my next travels! Until then I hope to come out with some new recipes to share!

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