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Hey guys! Welcome to the second segment in the vegan eats series! This time we're going to Barcelona!

Barcelona has to be one of my favourite places for vegan food, it is super vegan friendly, and one could probably say that it's one of the most friendly vegan cities in Southern Europe. There is such a huge number of vegan cafes/restaurants it was certainly difficult to visit them all! However I visited a fair few, and so can share my favourites!

1. Flax & Kale
This is one damn good restaurant, serving many vegan options! This is where I had my first acai bowl ever (yes I know, how could I be vegan for 2+ years and not had an acai bowl!), they have many smoothie bowls, salads and hot meals all perfectly vegan friendly!

I highly recommend you also get the Vegan Pear and Chocolate muffin! OMG it is the best muffin I've had in my life- no joke! I could eat like 3 in one go!

2. Santoni Bakery
Unfortunately I don't have any of my own photos of the food from here, but trust me when I say, this place is a must visit! A fully vegan bakery, serving cakes, croissants, sandwiches, pizza, smoothies and empanadas- at very affordable prices too!
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3. Veganotecha
Okay so this place isn't a cafe or restaurant, its a vegan supermarket! Yes, I know, wat! If you're in Barcelona for more than just a few days and you happen to be staying somewhere that has cooking facilities, I highly recommend coming to this supermarket to purchase some vegan goods to cook up! Not only can this be more affordable, but it's another way to support a variety of vegan businesses!

4. Vegetalia
Truly authentic Spanish food, with many vegan friendly options! When here I had Paella, empanadas & creme catalana and damnnnnnn was it good!

5. Fitbar
This place is a must visit for healthy, delicious and fresh meals! They're acai bowls are too good, and the ice cream is so so refreshing! There is also little seating here, so it's more about fresh food on the go! This place is also super close to the beach, which is convenient!   

I'd also like to add that in most restaurants that serve Paella, there is a vegan/vegetarian option- but make sure to ask whether it's vegan!

Don't forget to order Sangria!

I know I'll be back to Barcelona one day, to lay on the beach, and visit all the places I missed out on- there were many! I truly loved all the food I consumed here, and I highly recommend you add Barcelona to you're bucket list!

Stay tuned for the last blogpost of this series- vegan eats in Paris! Super excited to post that one! As always I'd love any feedback!

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