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Heey all! So I thought I would do a bit of a different blogpost from my my usual recipe posts! Today I'm going to share some of my favourite places to eat out in Auckland! Although most of these places are not exclusively vegan, they offer some amazing options! Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or just a snack, I've got you sorted!

1) The first place is of course the one and only Tart Bakery! If you have never been there, you need to, ASAP! This is one of the only bakeries in New Zealand that is making the transition to a full vegan menu! Once you try their goods you'll never miss non-vegan food ever again! They have you completely sorted when it comes to vegan bakery goodness, from croissants, danish pastries, filled rolls, pies, cream donuts, cookies, tarts and my absolute favourite, custard cronuts!!

2) The next place that is well worth a visit is Sunflower Thai Vegetarian restaurant, located in Auckland CBD. Although they're called "vegetarian" everything on the menu is vegan! That's right, a completely vegan menu with 40+ options to choose from! Want my advice? Get the curry puffs and pad thai!

3) The Burgerie on K Road has only recently been discovered by the wider vegan community! I've been there only once, but am well overdue for another visit! They have a huge range of vegan options, and it is seriously amazing. If you want to show some friends or family a completely unhealthy, juicy and delicious burger, The Burgerie is the only place to go!

4) So after you've had your choice of savoury meals, it's time for dessert. I don't know about you, but dessert is definitely my favourite, and you can't skip it, no matter how full you are! For an absolutely luxurious and decadent ice cream, there is only one place to go; Giapo, located on Queen Street in Auckland CBD. Although their vegan range is small, they have some truly amazing options, and of course vegan (and gluten free) cones! My favourite option is the mouth-wateringly good chocolate chip ice cream, coated in chocolate and rice bubbles (sounds weird but is omigoodness amazing!) and a chocolate chip cookie on top!

5) This one is a hidden gem on Queen Street, and that is Popa's pretzels. This place is so small it is so easy to just walk straight past it, but once you know it's there, you'll never miss it. As it is directly on my way to uni, it takes all my self control to not get a deliciously amazing chocolate and walnut pretzel! They're vegan range is impressive and its hard to not want just one! This photo does not share the delicious chocolately center, which you'll have to discover for yourself!

6) This place is tucked away among the bustling Kingsland. Petra Schwarma was such a good find! It caters to both vegans and non-vegans, so is perfect to go to with family or friends. If you want a taste of Jordanian food, get yourself there. You'll get your fill of falafels, hummus and baklava (yes it's vegan!)

Well there you have it. These are only some of my favourite places to get yummy, and affordable vegan food for any meal of the day! Make sure to share these places with your family and friends, as well as anyone who is visiting Auckland!
Definitely head to these places and show them some vegan love, so they can pump out more amazing  food!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and discovered a new place to head to this weekend! There are of course many other places to get awesome vegan food, however these are some of my favourite ones! Definitely let me know of any more places in Auckland that cater to us vegans! I would love to check them out!
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