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Okay so I've decided to start a new segment on my blog. I love to write, and I've decided to start writing a regular "diary-like" entry, just me rambling on  about my thoughts, my feelings and well just some random blog posts. If you do not want to read all this that's fine, this is more for my benefit and sanity!

Today I want to ramble on about my frustration for society's ignorance on the exploitation of animals and the environment. Many people actually genuinely do not know about the damaging effects that factory farming has, it is the leading cause of climate change, habitat loss, deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, ocean acidification, species extinction and if we continue the way we are today, we are going to burn our planet until there is nothing left for us but death. For those who genuinely do not know I have sympathy and understanding, however for those that know the facts but continue to go the way they do, all I have is frustration, if you can make a difference, why would you not change??
When I first went vegan I began to really educate myself, I watched documentaries and read books about the effect of animal products on our health and environment, and I began to learn how veganism was one way to truly make a difference. I felt like i had finally seen the light. I have finally found something that I am passionate about! I am honestly so happy with the way I live, and everyday I wake up knowing that I'm making a difference.

"400 million fewer animals were killed because more people are adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet," how insanely awesome is that! If you think, as one vegan among many non-vegans, that you are not making a difference, think about it from a large population of vegans. WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

The meat and dairy industry have influnced people into believing that you need meat for your protein and milk for you calcium, and that if you don't eat meat or dairy you will be deficient and unhealthy! What! There are millions of vegans around the world that will totally contradict that!
Guys, protein deficiency is not even a medical terminology, because its not a thing!

I also feel frustration when veganism is see as a "hippy" or "crazy" idea. . .  because the idea of having compassion and respect for the planet that keeps us alive, and the other animals that live around us, is totally crazy! 

I wish wish wish that more people would see the light, that they would realise that a vegan diet is totally doable and educate themselves. There are times when I look at my friends consuming animal products and I feel frustration and contempt. 

Our world, our planet would regrow, flourish and thrive if more people jumped onto a sustainable vegan lifestyle. It can be done. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

If you are still here and reading this, thanks for sticking around!! If you are not a vegan, just know that this is not a personal attack, I am surrounded by non-vegans- close friends and family everyday, I am just hoping to make a change in this world (and have a little rant! :)

Do your best everyday to try to make as minimal an impact on this planet as you possibly can! 

Thank you for reading my rambling!
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