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When beginning a "health journey" the first thing most people think about is their goals, weight loss, physical definition, eating clean, counting the cals. . .  you get the idea. I'm sure you, just like me, have thought about these things multiple times during your journey to getting healthier and fitter. There is nothing wrong with that, of course! It's good to have goals, they make us attainable, accountable and motivate us to be better! However if we start anything, whether health, work, school, anything, with a negative mentality, we will get no where. We usually critique ourselves, and quite harshly too. I am guilty of putting myself down too! It happens all the time, to all of us, and it needs to stop!
The only way to ever get better, is to start by praising ourselves and seeing ourselves in a better, more positive mindset.  If I have learnt anything in the last year it's that in order for others to like you, you first have to like yourself. No. LOVE yourself.

Health starts with Happiness. What do I mean by this? I mean, in order to get anywhere, to get better, to improve yourself, you need to start by being happy. Work towards your goals slowly, but be proud of yourself along the way. Always praise and respect yourself, its the only way others will respect you too.
If you start your health journey by saying "I need to lose 10kg, then I'll be happy," or "I can't be happy when I'm so fat," or "I need to have slimmer thighs, arms and a flatter stomach for people to like me" you are not going to go anywhere, This negativity will take over you, and will eventually end up in you hating yourself, hating everyone around you, becoming an angry and sour person, and this won't get any closer to your goals. Trust me. Take it from someone who has been there, and experienced that.
 Start with an open, positive mind, and you WILL flourish. Be happy first and everything will fall into place. Having a positive mind makes it a whole lot easier, and you will find a lot more happiness and enjoyment in your life.

But in all honesty, life is seriously too short to be worrying about that extra fat on your stomach, or the cellulite on your legs. No one is going to stare at you, critically analyse and point out every single flaw on your body, so you shouldn't either. Be happy with what you've been given, work to improve yourself, but don't let it become an obsession, and always be happy with you.

Thank you for the taking the time to read this, I hope that this post has helped and has made a difference to your way of thinking!
Love yourself,

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