Indian Recipes: Mutton kofta curry

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Mutton kofta curry (indian recipes)

Meat balls ingredients:
Keema: Half Kg
Ginger garlic paste: 1 Tsp
Coriander leaves: 1 Tbs (chopped)
Mint Leaves: Half Tsp
Egg: 1
Garam Masala: Half Tsp
Black Pepper: Half Tsp (ground)

Curry ingredients:
Onion: 2 (grated)
Tej pattas: 2
Gingergarlic paste: 1 Tsp
Tomatoes: 2 (turn to paste)
Salt, haldi, chilli powder(red): To taste

Method of preparation for Mutton kofta curry:

Mix the mean ball ingredients with keema well. Roll it into balls. Keep aside.
Take a pan and add oil to it. Heat it on medium heat. Add grated onion to it. Fry it till it turns brown. Add tej pattas, haldi, salt, Tomato, ginger garlic paste and red chilli powder and fry it well. Once fried add 2 glass of water to it and bring to boil. Turn the flame low and put koftas to it. Cover it and let it cook. Stir it occesionally and check when it is done. Just when the dish is ready add garam masala to it so that it retains flavour. Take off from the fire. Enjoy the delicious Mutton kofta curry

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